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Guide to Completing the Application Form

The entry form should be completed online

It is important to us all to ensure the trail guide, website and social media look professional, and attract visitors to the trail.  Please read this guidance carefully, and adhere to the following when submitting your application form.

Artist Statement:

This is just 40 words with which to entice people to visit you on the trail!

Here are some key points:

  • The limit really is just 40 words, so please do not exceed this. The web-based application form will not allow you to exceed this.
  • Statements are to be written in the third person, to ensure consistency across the guide, i.e. “Jo Bloggs is a painter, inspired by the busy traffic on the A259. She works in oils and…”
  • Include a little about yourself, your work and inspiration. There are plenty of examples online to help you.
  • Finally – check, check and double check before you submit. Get someone else to read it, and check for spellings, typos and good grammar.

Images (3 in total):

You are invited to submit two images for the website, but only one may be used for the trail guide.  Think very carefully about the image(s) that you submit, as this will be the primary thing that entices visitors to your venue. 

We are also asking you to send one image of you at work in your studio to enhance our trail guide and social media. 

Please bear in mind that the quality of your image within the trail guide reflects on the Arts Trail as a whole.  We reserve the right to reject images of an insufficient quality. 

Key points as follows:

  • The image for the trail guide should be SQUARE. This is a new introduction for this year, to keep the guide consistent.  Note – if the image you submit is not square, then it WILL be cropped 
  • NEW IMAGES! To keep the trail guide fresh, please do not send images of your work that featured in previous trail guides.
  • Ensure that your image is in focus, with no glare from glass frames.
  • Lighting – ensure your work is well-lit, with natural light where possible.
  • Background – avoid distracting backgrounds.
  • If you really can’t decide which image to submit, create a collage, but be mindful of the small image size in the trail guide.
  • Images should be submitted as JPEG or PDF, and in a decent resolution – 1-3MB.
  • Your image filenames must include your name: ie. PriceCarol_1.jpeg

Website/Social Media Links

  • These should not be to your personal social media profiles, rather the pages you have set up for your artwork.
  • Double check the links before submitting the application

Please Note

It is important to us all to ensure the trail guide, website and social media look professional, and entice visitors to the trail.  Please follow this guidance when submitting your application form.