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Terms and Conditions

Emsworth Arts Trail is a vibrant community of artists, working together to create a much-loved event enriching the local town.  The success of the trail relies on the goodwill and time of the committee and all participating artists.  By registering as an artist on the Emsworth Arts Trail you are joining the team and will be expected to help in the organisation as necessary.

Additionally, you are required to agree to the following:

  • Participating artists must be over the age of 18.
  • Ensure that you have secured a venue for the Arts Trail prior to submitting your application.  Artists may use only one venue for the trail.
  • Follow the guidance for completing the application form.  Once submitted, the application is final and no further changes can be made without incurring an administrative charge.
  • Ensure that you have adequate Public Liability Insurance, and send a copy of the certificate with your application.
  • Pay all entry fees by the cut-off date as published on the entry form.
  • Provide a sample of work for the preview exhibition.
  • Attend the full trail meetings and read the minutes of the meetings. 
  • Read (and where required, act on) the email communications from the Trail Committee.
  • Attend the Pack Night meeting and collect your Trail Pack or send a representative.
  • Actively promote the event by distributing Trail Guides and flyers, as well as by word of mouth, your own email lists and social media presence.
  • We ask those artists exhibiting at home to consider the care and safety of our visitors and complete a risk assessment of your venue prior to the opening of the event, and update this as required throughout the event.
  • Open and supervise your exhibition in person on the dates and times as published in the trail guide. It is not permitted for your exhibition to be unsupervised, or crewed by someone else (apart for the necessary breaks obviously!).
  • Conform to basic Health & Safety requirements in relation to access, materials, equipment and health guidelines or legislation (eg Covid).
  • Ensure that the disclaimer provided is prominently displayed.
  • Ensure that directions to your venue are prominently displayed.
  • Ensure that all signage is removed from public highways immediately after the last day of the Trail.
  • Complete the evaluation form and provide feedback on visitor numbers to enable the organisers to monitor statistics and aid future trail improvements.
  • Return all signage, bunting, clickers and artist numbers on completion of the trail.

Artists please note our terms

Public Liability Insurance

Artists must take out their own Public Liability insurance for the trail and will be asked to upload a copy of this with their entry.  If you are exhibiting at home you should inform your household insurer.

No Multiple Venues

In response to visitor feedback and to aid the promotion and organisation of the Emsworth Arts Trail, we will only accept one venue for each artist over the two weekends. No multiple venues will be accepted.