Marie Monro

Lampshade maker

Venue Address: Above PO10, 7 High Street, Emsworth PO10 7AQ (Access via School Lane)

25, 26 April | 2, 3 May | 10am – 5pm

Artist’s Statement

Marie Monro is an independent lampshade maker, creating beautiful shades from designer & vintage fabrics, wallpaper and maps. A selection of these will be on display as well as a new small collection of her own unique designs.

Marie Monro

Lampshade Maker

Venue Above PO10, 7a High Street (Access via School Lane), Emsworth PO10 7AQ

Open On First weekend 25, 26 April and Second Weekend 2, 3 May 2020

Opening Times 10am – 5pm


Find me on the map!

PO10, 7 High Street, Emsworth PO10 7JP