We’re almost at the deadline for our entry forms, six hours to go and counting! Thank you so much to all the people who have ticked all the boxes, crossed the ‘Ts’ and dotted the ‘Is’ all in good time. The website is already looking even more fabulous than last year, thanks to Julie, so take a look at your entry. I think you’ll be really pleased.

Those of you yet to put in your entry, the form will disappear off line tomorrow, Tuesday 9th January 2018, so make sure you don’t miss out.

For those people who have yet to find a venue, the deadline will be Friday 12th January 2018. Unfortunately after that date your entry will be withdrawn and your money returned. I really hope this won’t happen and, just a reminder, if you return to the Full Meeting minutes you’ll find contact details of places that did have spaces back in December, you may be lucky.

Early indications are that it’s going to be the best and most interesting Trail yet. Brilliant!

Now I’d better put in my entry before the form disappears!


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