Wendy Fleckner

Textiles, Mixed Media

Venue Address The Brookfield Hotel, 93 Havant Road, Emsworth PO10 7LF

27, 28 April | 4, 5, 6 May |10 am – 5.00 pm

Artist’s Statement

Wendy is a textile artist using free machine embroidery and mixed media. Her work is representational, controlled and detailed in style and occasionally has a humorous twist. She is currently considering two environmental issues, the loss of the bees and the global plastic problem.

Wendy Fleckner

Textiles, Mixed Media

Venue The Brookfield Hotel 93 Havant Road Emsworth PO10 7LF

Mobile Number 07702 824556

Open On First weekend 27 & 28 April and Second Weekend  4, 5, & 6 May 2019

Opening Times 10am – 5.00pm

Wheelchair Access

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Brookfield Hotel