Robin Feild


Venue Address Tuppenny Barn Main Rd, Southbourne, Emsworth PO10 8EZ

27, 28 April | 4, 5, 6 May |10am – 5pm


Artist’s Statement

I am a photographer/artist who is constantly searching for new ways to interpret the landscape around me by using different techniques in the camera and in the digital darkroom to create a more unique and personal view of the scenes I photograph.

Robin Feild


Venue Tuppenny Barn Main Rd, Southbourne, Emsworth PO10 8EZ

Telephone Number 01243 790179

Mobile Number 07885 586344

Open On First weekend 27 & 28 April 2019 and Second Weekend 4, 5, & 6 May 2019

Opening Times 10am – 5pm except Bank Holiday Monday when we close at 4pm

Wheelchair Access

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Tuppenny Barn