Heather Bowring

Painting & Mixed Media 

Venue Address: Wayside Cottage, Tuppenny Lane, Emsworth PO10 8HG

25, 26 April | 2, 3 May | 10am – 5pm

Artist’s Statement

Heather has and still continues to specialise in Tactile Relief work paintings. Her first novel ‘ The painting in Room 48’ features one of her paintings. She is also creating Artist Books, made of wood, leather and gold-leaf.

Heather Bowring

Painting, Mixed Media

Venue Wayside Cottage, Tuppenny Lane, Emsworth. PO10 8HG

Open On First weekend 25, 26 April and Second Weekend 2, 3 May 2020

Opening Times 10am – 5pm

Wheelchair Access


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Wayside Cottage Tuppenny Lane Emsworth Hants. PO10 8HG