Alex Poyner

Printmaking, Painting, Jewellery

Venue Address: 12 Creek End, Emsworth PO10 7EX

25, 26 April | 2, 3 May |10am – 5pm

Artist’s Statement

Alex is a textile print designer in the fashion industry who also enjoys painting and screen-printing seascapes. Alex pushes to capture the beauty of colour, motion and character of our British coastline and in particular Emsworth harbour. Highlighting the contrast in textures by exaggerating motion in the sea verses the sky.

Alex’s portfolio also extends to handmade sterling silver where she strives to create organic, personalized jewellery that can be worn effortlessly everyday.

Alex Poyner

Printmaking, Painting, Jewellery

Venue 12 Creek End, Emsworth PO10 7EX

Mobile Number 07702 560775

Open On First weekend 25, 26 April and Second Weekend 2, 3 May 2020

Opening Times 10am – 5pm

Wheelchair access


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12 Creek End Emsworth Hants PO10 7EX