On the countdown to the start of the 2019 Emsworth Arts Trail, we will be meeting up with some of our artists to find out more about their creative processes and inspiration. This week we’re delighted to chat to Angela Lee, who is taking part in the trail for the first time this year.

Who are you?
Angela Lee, mixed media artist

Which venue are you at? Venue 18: 66 Highland Road, Emsworth, Hampshire. PO10 7JN 

What type of artist are you?  Mixed media artist using Powertex. Powertex fabric hardener and textile hardener is an environmentally friendly water-based liquid sculpting medium. Powertex can replace polyester for fabric hardening andtextile hardening. Powertex can harden absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, fabrics,leather and fiberglass. Powertex can be easily combined with self-hardening clays, concrete, stone,ceramic, wood, sand and Stone Art. Powertex is used for making sculptures, paintings, decorative objectsand jewellery. I use recycled materials whenever I can.

Do you have a background in art/design – when did you first start your creative journey?  I have always been creative with my children making things and sewing their clothes, fancy dress outfits, bridesmaids outfits and home furnishing. It was a not until my children were grown and mostly flown and I became an ‘empty nest’ and had a large void in my life. My husband works away as well. After a lot of soul searching and trying various things I discovered Powertex while at a craft fare. I fell in love and attended workshops to learn more. It then evolved that I did my tutor training and built my studio in the garden. I feel I have now found my ‘happy place’ Also like to do my bit for environment and this works fits very well with this.

Can you describe your creative process?It all begins with an idea, either my own, or one that has been given by the Powertex creative team in a blog. I choosemy materials, emblishments, colour of Powertex to use and off I go. Once the piece is dried it will be dry brushed withpigment which is the best part as it really comes alive at this stage. The piece is then finished. I love that with artwhat starts out as one thing often end up as something completely different.

What or who inspires you?I don’t have one particular person or group that inspire me as I enjoy art in most forms – each person can take something different from a piece.

What do you enjoy most about the process? Using recycled items as this is something close to my heart. Bring life to something that would normally be thrown away. Having the idea and seeing if it comes out as I planned in my mind.

Can you describe your studio/workspace? Small studio in my back garden holding workshops for 3-4 participants or 1 to 1 if required. Giving people space and time to be creative in a calm atmosphere.

What keeps you going whilst you work – Soundtrack? Snacks? A fluffy assistant? A fluffy assistant to do social media for me would be fab as I would rather be creative. I like music on when I work and can be found dancing and singing around – but hopefully not seen or heard!

What can we expect to see from you on this years’ art trail? – How does this vary from previous years (if applicable) I have not done the arts trail before.

Where are you exhibiting? – What can people expect from the location? People can come to the studio and see me working and buy pieces should they so wish. They can ask questions. Or they can book on for a workshop which I hold regularly. 

Why did you want to take part in the trail? I have always supported the arts trail since I moved to Emsworth and thought it would be an ideal place to showcase my work, get myself known and be part of something that it is so big in the village.

What are your artistic ambitions? I would like to be holding regular workshops, doing commissions and also hopefully holding retreats combining art and relaxation. I believe that art can help with stress and depression as it gives the participant a quiet space to loose themselves being creative.

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