Fine art graduate and secondary school art technician Gail Styles has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. She is one-half of a creative couple taking part in the Emsworth Arts Trail this year.
Who are you?
My name is Gail Styles and I live in Rowlands Castle.
What type of artist are you? 
I am foremost a painter working in oils, acrylic inks and mixed media. I also enjoy the process of dry point printing, Lino and monoprint.
Do you have a background in art/design – when did you first start your creative journey? 
I studied at Portsmouth University and have a fine arts degree. I now work in secondary education in an art department as an art technician. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.
Can you describe your creative process?
I aim to recreate a scene by capturing the atmosphere, I build up layers of oil using a pallet knife developing the image chopping and changing ideas until I’m happy with the outcome. When I feel a painting is close to completion I’ll leave it until a later date then decide if it needs any changes.
What do you enjoy most about the process?
The creative process of painting is many things to me, exhilarating, liberating, de stressing and challenging. I like that I have total control over the outcome.
Can you describe your studio/workspace?
I share a studio with my husband who’s a potter. We work well together bouncing ideas of each other throwing a critical eye to help and encourage the other to achieve a successful piece of creation.
What keeps you going whilst you work – soundtrack? Snacks? A fluffy assistant?
My playlist in the background. rock, blues and classical all help in the creative process of my work.
What can we expect to see from you on this years’ art trail?
Impasto oil paintings loosely depicting scenes inspired from travels. Various prints. Hand printed cards.
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