Notes on any changes or guidance around attending the 2021 Emsworth Arts Trail



3 September 2021 – artist withdrawals

Unfortunatley the following artists have had to withdraw from the trial this year:
  • Ken Yalden
  • Joe Tyler
  • Brenda Potter
  • Art Invisible
  • Jonquil Tonge 

9 August 2021 – Art Invisible 

Unfortunately Art Invisible will not be able to take part this year as Sharron, who leads this amazing group of young people, has had an accident leaving her with a badly broken leg and unable to supervise the weekends.

      Key Visitor Guidance

      We want the trail to be as safe and Covid-secure as possible.  Some of our artists and visitors will be concerned about the virus, so please adhere to the following guidance to ensure everyone can enjoy the trail:
      Many of our artists and venues will require you to wear a face covering.  Please carry a mask and follow guidance at each venue to ensure those around you feel safe and comfortable.
      There will be sanitiser available at each venue, please use this on arrival.
      There may be limits on the number of visitors permitted inside to avoid overcrowding; you may be asked to wait outside for a short time.
      Upon entering a venue please scan in using the NHS app, or sign in using the forms provided.
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